Operation Spring Push

Maplewood Grange 25480 S Hwy 99 E, Aurora, Oregon, United States

Rostis Gambit 2nd Bolt Action Open Game Day for 2023 - Operation Spring Push. Suggested 1250 army list from Armies of Books. We will set up 9 tables to [...]

Richmond Open Convention Bolt Action Tournament

Greater Richmond Convention Center 403 N. 3rd Street, Richmond, Virginia, United States

1,250 point, 3 round Bolt Action tournament, with the most current errata/FAQ in effecr. Each round will last for two and a half hours. There is no order dice [...]

The Battle of the Five Nations

Big Battles Unit 3 Cirencester Business Estate Esland Place Off Love Lane, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

A 3-game friendly tournament for the excellent extended weird WW2 game system Konflikt '47. The tournament is being held in a new wargames venue in Cirencester, Gloucestershire. Bring a [...]

Bolt Action Championship Open

Rideau Curling Club 715 Cooper St, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

The Bolt Action Championship Open at the Canadian Tabletop Championship is a 2 day, 5 round event where like-minded players will battle it out with 1,000pt forces for the [...]

Historical Bolt Action

Circolo Arci Guernelli Via Antonio Gandusio 6, Bologna, BO, Italy

A great new Bolt Action event divided into historical categories - Early War, Mid War and Late War. There will be some limitations on certain units to encourage historically-themed [...]

Operation BOHICA

Adeptus Luditorum Tenerife C. Santo Domingo Custodio 31, La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain

The first Bolt Action tournament hosted at Adeptus Luditorum - join club members and players from other islands at what will be the first of many Warlord events on [...]


Club La Torre de Daus Carrer de Moratín 64 Sabadell, Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

Ya está aquí la nueva edición de TANKS BCN. Un evento en el que podrás jugar a Bolt Action, en su versión de Tanks Wars. Una oportunidad única de [...]

Tanks to the East II

Spielkultur Oranienburg Stralsunder Straße 4, Oranienburg, Brandenburg, Germany

This is the second edition of Tanks to the East - three games of Bolt Action at 1,200 points, using Generic Reinforced and Armoured platoons and our custom scenario [...]

Bolt Action – Oldenburg 2

Haus der Jugend der Stadt Oldenburg von-Finckh-Str. 3, Oldenburg, Lower Saxony, Germany

Oldenburg 2. is a 3-mission, 1,000 point Bolt Action tournament. Army lists of all flavours are allowed, with a limit of 13 Order Dice and a single Platoon. The [...]

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