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Shrapnel 2018 Tournament Guidelines.

Sunday 13th May, 9.00AM

Welcome to the second year of Shrapnel, it has grown this year to 22 players, so thank you for signing up. Lost Ark Landsers Bolt Action group are a friendly bunch of people and new players are always made welcome.


Build a 1000pt list using either 1 or 2 Reinforced Platoons. There are no Tank Platoons in this event.

We would like to ensure that Shrapnel is enjoyed by all players, therefore we would like the Armies selected to follow a theme or be historically correct for the year. To do this either use your army book and choose those units that were available to your chosen nation, or use a particular theatre selector. Your army book gives dates and theatre selectors which will give you a list of those units available.

You can also use campaign books to select your forces, however there are some dodgy lists in these, for example the Soviet Stalingrad, and some Japanese selectors come to mind, 4 snipers or 4 heavy howitzers is not very friendly. We all like to win, but when you have made your list ask your self would I like to play against this army. Just because you can, doesn?t mean you should.

Market Garden:

If you wish to bring a British Para list from Market Garden, all units selected must be brought as veterans where the option exists. You must also add 1 pt per model to make them stubborn.

XXX Corp is a Tank Platoon for the purposes of this event.

Odds n sods

Brandenburgers must be off the table for their redirection rules to apply.

In the worse case scenario the Tournament Organiser has the right to ask you to change your list to fit the ethos of the Stevenage Landsers.

You must bring your army book and any book, or a hard copy of an official Warlord games pdf. where your theatre list is included, this allows your opponent to be able to read any special rules that apply.

Army list where possible should be made on http://boltaction.easyarmy.com/ it helps with the checking. However its not 100% correct so please check it against your army book, or theatre selector.

Please feel free to contact Ken on the below email to discuss your army list.

Please email your list to Kennomeat@gmail.com by the 23rd April


There will be 3 games of 2 hours 15 mins, the scenarios to be used will be disclosed on the day of the event, so choose you armies carefully. These are likely to be from the 2nd rule book but with minor tweaks.


This army usually plays without access to the majority of its national rules, therefore in this tournament at the beginning of any game where the scenario does not have an attacker/defender both players will roll to see if they are either attacking or defending. Roll a d6 highest roll gets to choose. If the Italian player loses they get to re roll as per Italian national rule.

How to win

Battle points will be awarded for a win, draw, and loss. Win = 5pts, draw = 3pts, loss = 1pt.

Secondary objectives: In every game there will be an option to grab another battle point, make sure you keep it in your sights.

In the event of more than 1 player having the highest number of Battle Points, the difference between units killed and units lost will be the deciding factor.


All tables will be pre-set on the day, please do not move any of the terrain. Ruins will be classed as dense terrain as described in the rule book. As there is always a mix of hedges and walls which causes confusion over cover, treat all such pieces as being chest high on an upright model. This should also help with cover claimed by vehicles. Bocage is slightly different and is over head height, it blocks line of sight until 1? away.


Many people are hazy on what cover you get from certain classes of terrain and when it applies. Two main ones are firing in, from, or into cover, and what happens when you are up against cover. In the first instance cover will apply if you are more than 1 inch apart from your target, or are more than 1 inch from the edge of the terrain and firing out. In the second case if both units are up against a wall neither will get cover. This is the same for buildings as it can be assumed grenades and bullets are being launched in through windows and doors, defenders will get the +1 to the roll required to kill still.

In all other cases discuss what each piece of terrain does at the beginning of the game.

If you are unable to attend then please let us know as early as possible in order to allocate your place to somebody on the reserve list.

Spectators are more than welcome to attend and view proceedings but please be aware that this a timed round Tournament and respect the concentration of the players.

Registration: 09.00

Briefing: 09.15

1st Game: 09.30 – 11.45

Lunch: 12.00 – 12.30

2nd Game: 12.45 – 15.00

3rd Game: 15.15 – 17.30

Presentations: 18.00

Purchase of a ticket reserves you a place, no physical ticket will be sent out.

This event is currently sold out. We are running a reserve list in case of any cancellations which will operate on a first come first served basis.

If you would like to be added to this list then please contact steve@lostarkgames.com with your contact details including phone number. I will contact you to confirm you have been added to the list and notify any added players asap before the day.


Lost Ark Games
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