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Holywell School
MK43 0JA Milton Keynes

The First of the years BHGS events.

Rollcall Bolt Action is back again for the 6th Year running

Tickets available from the link below


All tables will have a mission set out for that table as per the feedback from BHGS entries from last year, these missions will be taken from any of the books (main rule book- each table will have a mission card on them to explain the mission) and use the mission rules that are set for them. So choose your army wisely.

For this event, we’d like to make sure that forces, so far as possible, represent ones that are as plausible as possible for a game that has WWII as its theme. While imperfect, this will help to mitigate the impact of some of the more problematic units in the game without resorting to house rules or ‘comping’.

We’d really encourage players to go ‘as themed as possible’, and if you want to do a specific unit at a specific time and place (a reinforced platoon from Johnny Frost’s Bn at Arnhem, for instance, or maybe a Panzer Zug from the 21st Panzer Division in 1941, or whatever) then crack on and we’ll be suitably impressed (and there might be a prize for ‘Best Force’ or similar in the mix to reward that). But if all you want is a force that looks right for the time and place for your chosen nation, that’s fantastic too.

We’ve found that the overwhelming majority of forces fit into this structure with little or no tweaking.

If time’s limited or historical research isn’t your strong suit then the guidelines are designed to help you and the event organisers will be very happy to offer any assistance they can if desired – remember this is aimed at improving everyone’s enjoyment, it’s not meant to be a chore.

How to pick your force for this event:
• 750 points Infantry only (maximum amour value 6)
• 1250 points.
• No more than the set amount of points may be spent on the army as per the guidelines provided on page 124 of the Bolt action rulebook.
• Pick a nation from any of the countries currently represented in Warlord Games publications (including pdfs)
• Pick a front from: Balkan, Eastern, Italian, North African, Northern China, North-west European, Pacific, SE Asian, the list goes on obviously this must be a front where your chosen nation fought
• Pick a year (again, obviously, a year where your chosen nation was actually fighting on your chosen front.
• Build your force to the prescribed points total using your chosen nation with either the generic selector or a theatre selector or pdf ‘force’ selector that covers your chosen year. But you may only use options that actually were present in your chosen year on your chosen front. This isn’ t as hard as it might seem at first; the theatre selectors give a good guide and most of the vehicles have a range of years in which they saw service. Your event organiser will be happy to provide assistance and advice if you’re in any doubt.
• No special characters or tank wars skills allowed.

Example 1
• Chosen Nation: Germany (this restricts the player to Eastern, Balkan, Italian, North African and North-west Europe).
• Chosen Front: North African (this means the player will be taking an Afrika Korps list so ideally his army will be modelled and painted in that style. It also restricts the years to 1941, 1942 or 1943)
• Chosen Year: 1942 (this impacts on the specific units available. the Rommel’s Defeat theatre selector will provide a good starting point for options).
Example 2

• Chosen Nation: Great Britain (allowing all front options except Northern China – remembering the Australians fought in the Pacific and are covered by the GB book and Eastern)
• Chosen Front: SE Asian (allowing all years from late 1941 to 1945)
• Chosen Year: 1944 (the Burma theatre selector is a good starting point for unit choices but as not all of these units fought in SE Asia, the event organiser might give feedback if inappropriate one’s creep to the list. Most players will probably want to use the generic selector for this sort of force though as the theatre selector heavily and unnecessarily restricts the core choices far beyond the historical)

Example 3
• Chosen Nation: Finland (meaning Eastern Front becomes the only choice
• Chosen Front: Eastern (however this allows all years 1939-45
• Chosen Year: 1939 (this will be a Winter War themed list and the selector of that name is again a good starting point for list construction).

Armies must be drawn from the following books
• Armies of Germany Book.
• Armies of the United States Book.
• Armies of Great Britain and Commonwealth Book.
• Armies of the Soviet Union Book.
• Armies of France and her Allies.
• Armies of Imperial Japan.
• Armies of Axis and her Allies.
• Any additional Army PDF’s / List that are published by Warlords
• Additional Units (PDF’s –including the warplane rules).
• Any additional theatre book published
• Any Campaign book published Special may not be allowed(XXX Crops rules for example)

All list to be submitted by the 8th April to gazbetts@gmail.com.

Games will be 2:15 hours in length.

750 point games will be 90 minutes in length.

Once time is called all games must end at this point no further rounds are to be played and the current round ends on the dice that is being played.

***Please note the schedule is subject to change on venue opening times***
With all games starting @0830hrs on Saturday with the players briefing just before.
***Please note the schedule is subject to change on venue opening times***

Game 1 0830 – 1000 (750pts)
Break – 15 Minutes
Game 2 1015 -1230 (1250pts)
Dinner- 30
Game 3 1300 – 1515 (1250pts)
Game 4 1530 -1700(750pts)

Game 5 0830 – 1000(750 pts)
Break – 15 Minutes
Game 6 1015 -1230(1250 pts)
Dinner- 30
Game 7 1300 – 1515(1250 pts)

Link to full players pack here:



April 27, 2019 @ 08:00 BST
April 28, 2019 @ 17:00 BST
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Gary Betts


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