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Poole Gaming Society’s Odbat III : A New Hope? – Bolt Action Tournament

Sunday 30th October 2016 (9am-6pm)

Venue Entoyment Ltd 361 Ashley Road Parkstone Poole Dorset BH14 0AS Telephone: 01202 929449

Email: entoyment@gmail.com

Parking There are three nearby car parks which all cost 50p for the whole day Sunday.

Format This event will consist of three games of 1000 points, and will use the Version 2 Bolt Action rulebook, and will be run using DotRich scenario allocation. Please email your lists to Morelion.aces@googlemail.com before 27th October.

Schedule Games have a 2 ½ hour time limit

9:00 – 9:30 Set Up & Registration

9:30 – 12:00 Game 1

12:00 – 12:30 Lunch

12:30 – 15:00 Game 2

15:00 – 17:30 Game 3

17:30 – 18:00 Awards and home time

Payment Tickets cost £7.50 in advance or £10 on the door. You can pay in store, or on the store’s website: http://entoyment.co.uk/miniatures-and-wargames/event-tickets If you can’t do either please email Pete at Entoyment (entoyment@gmail.com) for alternatives.

Force Restrictions Your list must consist of no more than 1000 points 1 or 2 Reinforced Infantry Platoons, either Generic or Theatre selector. OR 1 Tank platoon If you wish to mix theatre selectors then you must have Event Organiser approval before the event, and give a good reason for mixing platoons. For example: a Behind Enemy Lines platoon guiding an Operation Lightfoot platoon into combat. Units may be selected from: Additional Units PDF Armies of… books Campaign books The unofficial Ethiopian and Hungarian army list supplement PDFs (boltaction.net) Disallowed Units include: War Reporter “Cameraman” Named characters


The scenarios will be revealed after the all army lists are submitted but expect to be fighting meeting engagements, assaults and defensive operations. The scenarios are designed to be tough but fair.


Primary Missions

Primary Missions are defined by the scenario. Primary Mission completion is worth: Win: three tournament points Draw: one tournament point Loss: zero tournament points Secondary missions

In addition to Primary missions Secondary Missions are available to every player to achieve over their three games. Achieving a Secondary Mission is worth one tournament point. Each of these may only be claimed once and up to two may be claimed per game. The tertiary objectives are: A) Cold Steel – Destroy an enemy infantry or artillery unit by infantry assault. B) Gallantry Award – Win an assault when outnumbered by more than 2:1 at the outset. C) Decapitation – Destroy all enemy Headquarters Teams. D) Panzerknacker – Destroy all enemy armoured units (including armoured transports). E) Overrun – Destroy an enemy unit with a tank assault. F) Sniper Duel – Destroy an enemy sniper team with a shot from your own sniper. G) Counterbattery – Destroy an enemy artillery unit by using indirect fire. H) Force Preservation – Draw or lose a game with more than half your units remaining. I) Pyrrhic Victory – Win or draw a scenario with 25% or fewer of your units remaining at the end of the game. Place the appropriate letter in the boxes on your score sheet.


September 30, 2016


Entoyment Ltd
361 Ashley Road Parkstone, Poole
Dorset , BH14 0AS United Kingdom
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01202 929449
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