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Sunday 11th November @ 9.00AM. £10 Entry.

Lost Ark Games
1st Floor, Queensway Chambers, 58 Queensway, Stevenage

Tickets available from http://www.lostarkgames.com/events/bolt-action-tournament-november-pain.

As Shrapnel is more of a controlled event we’ve decided to run this one as a bit of fun. So rather than restrict the army lists or be too historically accurate it will be gloves off, no holds barred, bare knuckle event.

We will accept any 1,000 point list comprising up to 2 Reinforced Infantry Platoons from the Army or Campaign books. Yes, that’s a chance to bring out the cheese! Tank platoons, however, are not permitted.

3 Scenarios to be announced on the day, first round kicks off at 9.30AM.

We will be throwing in a couple of amendments to the rules:

Preparatory bombardments will follow our usual rule of only adding D6 Pins on a hit.

Snipers will apply exceptional damage to infantry squads or two-man teams, any exceptional hits on support teams, mortars etc, will result in a casualty but not remove the whole team.

We’ll be limiting it to 20 places with a reserve list, Lists to be sent into either myself or Ken on confirmation of entry. steve@lostarkgames.com

As ever there will be prize support of some form and the traditional wooden spoon prize for the first Fubar of the day.

We hope you’ll see this as a chance to run some fun lists and have an enjoyable day, our usual degree of Gentlemanly play is expected so all players are welcome regardless of experience.


November 11, 2018
09:00 - 17:00 GMT
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