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DAY 21 APRIL 2018
C / Armador Valenti 23. Es Vivero. Palma Mallorca




1- Number of participants: 20.

2- Registration: The registration period opens on March 1, 2018 and the deadline to confirm the place (payment and delivery of lists for verification j_leiva_es@yahoo.es) is April 1, 2018.
The price of registration is € 5 (collection entirely for prizes). Payment will be made in cash to the organization. Payment information and registration in the email above.
Registration will be done by strict order of payment. To register a player, he must indicate to the organization:
-Full name
-Phone number
-Email address
-List of army
3- Requirements and general rules of the tournament:
to. The army must be completely painted. All the team of the miniatures must be properly represented as much as possible.
b. Each participant must bring order dice, six-sided dice, tape measure, markers, the necessary books for the correct game and a copy of his list to be able to show his rival. Players will share the dice of six in each game.
c. Complaints, discrepancies and other incidents: In case of any incident during the course of the tournament, it appeals to the common sense and sportsmanship of the players, who must agree on the rules. If they do not reach a consensus, they can decide for a die roll. In the event that the incident increases, please contact the Organization to try to clarify the misunderstanding.
V2 will be used, with the V2 supplements, V1 lists will be allowed in armies that have not yet been updated.
4- Organization of the armies: Lists to 1000 points taken from any of the published books. The preparation of the army lists will be done based on the FORCE SELECTION RULES section on page 153 of the regulations. Only ONE REINFORCED PLATOON can be included. There will be a maximum of 10 orders per list.

5- Hours:
10.00 Arrival and pairings
10.30 First Round. Meeting engagement
12.30 Second Round. Top secret
14.30 Lunch break
16.30 Third Round. Envelopment
18.30 End Third Round and awards ceremony

6- Development of the tournament:
Initial match by draw against allies, from there by Swiss giving priority to axis vs allies clashes.

7- Game tables and missions:
3 rounds will be played on a 180 x 120 table. The set design is fixed, explained and clarified by the organization. The scenarios will be those that appear in the regulation p. 130
The games will have a maximum duration of 2.00 hours.

8- Scores: Victory points will be calculated as follows:
3 points for victory
1 Point for a tie
0 points for a defeat
The victory points of each match will be calculated in the event of a tie for points in the general.

9- Prizes:
All the proceeds will be entirely dedicated to prizes that will be raffled among the players.

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