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1250-1000-750 Point De-Escalation Bolt Action Version 2 Tournament at Game Time Miniatures, just outside Cincinnati, Ohio

Game Time:
Each round will last 2 hours (120 minutes). The players must finish the turn and then the game ends automatically. If all games are done earlier then that we shall start the next round early.
Entry Fee

There will be a $10.00 Entry Fee

Force Composition:
This tournament is a de-escalation tournament. The first game you will play is at 1250 points. The 2nd game will be at 1000 points. The 3rd and final game will be at 750 points. A player’s force composition should be as followers:

• We shall be using the Bolt Action Version2
• Platoon: From any of the Armies of , the main rule book or Empires in Flame Chinese Army
• Army Points: 1250/1000/750points. All units in your 1000 point army must have been in your 1250 point army. You will just need to subtract 250 points worth of units/figures. This can be a whole unit or parts of a unit. All units in your 750 point army must have been in your 1000 army.
• Order Dice: 16 order dice maximum
• Platoon: 2 platoons reinforced infantry platoons or 1 Armored platoon. Armored platoons are limited to 1 platoon. No skills, experience, or crew upgrades allowed
• NO Special Characters or War Correspondence Units
• No Warplanes, but Air Observers are allowed
• Only 1 Air Observer or Artillery Observer per Army is allowed, this includes any Free Observer. Only 1.
• Please note if you are running an infantry platoon and plan to use a heavy artillery piece you will need a transport option to move it onto the board.
• Platoon Leader: your platoon Leader must have at least the same experience level or higher as the majority of your units. That is, if 5/8 of your units are rated regular, your officer must be regular or veteran and not inexperienced. If equal, the higher level must be used.
• You may use Spilt Transport rules from the Warlord website
Please submit your lists to the TO 2 weeks before at tschuma1498@earthlink.net Also; please bring at least 3 copies of each of your army lists to the tournament. 1 for the TO, 1 for you, and 1 for your opponent for review.

The missions will be determined at the time of the tournament and based on the table for the tournament. The scenario for that table will be the same for each 3 rounds. Every attempt will be made so you do not play on the same table twice during the tournament. You may play the same scenario though, just a different table.

Match ups:
Players will be matched Axis vs. Allied in the first round. Subsequent games will be matched Axis vs. Allied, if possible, based on the current ranking of players in the tournament.

Tournament Scoring:
The scoring for the tournament will be decided by tournament points scored during the three games. Tournament points are accumulated as follows.
• Win: 3 points
• Draw: 1 points
• Loss: 0 point
• In addition, players must also record how many enemy units they destroy during the games. These destroyed enemy units are added together in a running total and are used as a tiebreaker to pair players that are on the same level of Tournament Points.
• For the second round, players will be paired using a Swiss system (i.e. matching players on the same amount of TP’s, in descending order). In case of more than two players on the same number of TP’s, players will be matched in descending ‘units killed’ total.

Additional Objectives
There will be additional Objectives that a player can win. These are secondary objectives to the main Victory Conditions for the scenario. You can only claim one of the objectives per game during the tournament. And only claim that objective once per tournament. Example, in a game in round 2 you defeat the opposing players Office, you can only claim that Objective once. You cannot claim it in a later round.

Additional objectives are worth 1 TP each.
• Smash and Grab – Defeat an enemy officer in assault.
• Give no quarter – Destroy 75% or more of the enemy units in the game.
• Not one step back – Win a scenario with 25% or fewer friendly units still represented on the table at the end of the game.
• Against the odds – Win a scenario with 75% or more friendly units still represented on the table at the end of the game.
• Suppressive fire – Destroy an enemy unit with pins (not failed morale test).
• Panzerknacker – Destroy an enemy armored vehicle (8+ armor and/or recce) with a shooting attack or assault (not pins, air or artillery strike).
• Demolition crew – Level a building or set one on fire (or both if you must).

Winning the Tournament:

The winner is determined at the end of the last round, according to the following criteria:
• The player with the most TP’s will be the winner
• In case of the same TP’s at the top, the winner will be the player with the highest Casualty point’s total.
• In case of the same Units Killed total, we’ll see if the players played each other during the course of the tournament and the winner will be the winner of such match.

Prizes will be given for the following:
• Best Sportsmanship
• Best Allied
• Best Axis
• Best Appearance, as voted on by the players
• Best Hanoswag or Historical Accurate but tried your best.
• Everyone will win something….TBD

Spot awards

Spot awards will be handed out for events that happen in game. The amount of prizes that can be awarded each round will be decided based upon prizes available. To claim the prizes, you must shout out loudly when it happens!
• Incoming! – Roll a 1 for your artillery or air strike.
• FUBAR! – Roll a FUBAR for your order check.
• You lucky bastard! – Require a 7+ (or greater) to hit, and then roll a 6 to damage and then roll a further 6 for exceptional damage (so a 6, followed by a 6, followed by a 6 and the followed by a 6).
• Now you move?!? – Roll a double 1 for a rally order
Players will not receive more than one prize each round.

Current Prize Support:
Warlord Games
Game Time Miniatures

Moving Terrain Elements to Accommodate Models:
• Some terrain has movable elements (e.g. woods within a bounded area. Players can change the position of movable elements (individual trees, bushes, etc.) within the bounded area to place models.
• Terrain Elements not within a boundary e.g. a rock or tree in the table; cannot be moved.


July 1, 2017


Game Time Miniatures
967 OH-28 b
Milford, OH 45150 United States
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