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Date: 2nd September
Extra information:
1. Number of Participants Maximum: Unlimited
2. Registration and payment: Registration must be made before August 28. The registration fee, including food, will be € 20. The meal consists of a catering that will be received in the same place where the tournament will take place. The payment will be made the same day of the tournament, before the start of the first round.
3. Review of lists: Lists must be sent to the email address belebeltzak@gmx.com at the time of registration, indicating the full name and the book or PDF from which the list comes. Only official lists published by Warlord will be allowed.
4. Organization of the armies: Army lists to 850 points. In this tournament, only lists coming from theater selectors between 1939-1941 or before these, that is to say, “Early war”, will be valid. With the exception that they can be used lists that begin in those years and end later, but in no case may material or units manufactured or created after 1941 be used.
5. Requirements and general rules of the tournament:
to. The second edition of the Bolt Action regulation will be used.
b. The miniatures may be from any manufacturer as long as they are from the period.
c. The army must be completely painted with a minimum of 3 colors.
d. All the team of the miniatures must be properly represented as much as possible.
and. Each participant must bring six-sided dice, sufficient order dice, a tape measure, markers, the books necessary for the correct performance of the game, a copy of his list to be able to show his rival and a Smartphone with its corresponding charger and the application. “Chess Clock” (Net Lumen, LLC) installed.
F. The time available for players in each game will be limited to 50 minutes each. This will be controlled by the application of chess clock referred to above. The mechanics of time control will be explained at the start of the tournament.
g. In case of discrepancy of the rules during the game, the referee should be consulted, who will have the last word regarding the application of the rule discussed.
6. Development of the tournament:
to. The tables will have a size of 1.80×1.20 meters and will be equipped with scenography provided by the organization. In no case may the scenery be changed by any player. The effect of each element of scenography will be described in the scenario card present in each table.
b. The missions will be chosen randomly among the 12 missions available in the regulation book of the second version of Bolt Action.
c. The pairings will be carried out by the Swiss system although it will be tried that the players do not repeat rival or table as much as possible throughout the tournament.
d. The tournament will consist of four rounds of play with a limited time of 50 minutes per player.
7. Score
Victory 3 points
Draw 1 points
Defeat 0 points
At the end of the game, either by the end of time or by victory conditions, the result of this will be determined according to the criteria set out in the basic manual. The eliminated points will be taken into account for the opponent for the tiebreak.
8. Hours:
The tournament will take place on Sunday, September 2, 2018 at the Intxostiapunta Youth Center (Calle Burunda 1A) in Altsasu (Navarra).
Meeting time 9:30
10:00 / 12:00 Round 1
12:00 / 14:00 Round 2
14:00 / 16:00 Round 3
16:00 / 18:00 Round 4
18:30 Prize giving
9. Prizes: (prizes will vary according to the number of participants)
-First place
-Second place
-Third place
-Premium to the best painted army
The army that by vote of the other players has a higher level of painting, including conversions or personalization. The prize will be awarded by vote of the participants, although the organization will give the verdict in case of a tie.


September 2, 2018
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