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First day of the Bolt Action Ladder Campaign!
This is an escalation league to learn the new 2nd edition of Bolt Action.

Bolt Action Ladder Campaign Rules
• This is an escalation league
o Phase one – 500 points
o Phase two – 750 points
o Phase three – 1000 points
• Each player in the league must play a minimum of one game.
• Players will sign-up and will be ranked according to when they sign-up; for example if Richard Smoker is the first to sign up then he’ll be rank one, Joe Blow signs up next he’ll be rank two, and so on.
• If a lower rank player defeats a higher rank player then they swap places on the ladder, if the higher rank player wins then he’ll move up on rank on the ladder. Number one will stay at the top if he wins; when a game ends in a draw then both players remain at their current rank.
• If a player fails to play a game during the phase then he’ll drop to the bottom of the ladder.
• At the end of Phase Three the player at the top of the ladder will be the league champion.
Army Lists
• Players must use the same list during each battle.
• The army lists should be from any army selector with the years 1942-1943 in the title of the list. If the list has 1944 or later in the title it may not be used. So, a 1943-‘44 list would not be allowed.
• When the phase advances you may add up to 250 points to your current army list.
Phases and Games
• Each phase of the campaign will last one month.
• The games can use any of the printed scenarios from the Bolt Action rule book, or theater books. Both players must agree on the scenario before the game starts.
• If you can’t make it to Comic City Too to play or report a game you may send your results to Lynch Beachboard attwodogz79@gmail.com
• Players should have their models painted and ready for play during league games. There will be hobby days at Comic City Too once a week.


September 24, 2016 @ 21:00 BST
September 25, 2016 @ 06:00 BST
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