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£30 per team including a buffet lunch

You and your teammate participate in a total of 3 rounds of team doubles gameplay. Each game will be 2.5 hours long with lunch included.



Axis vs Allies: Teams must both be Axis or Allied.

Order dice: BOTH players on a team must have separate order dice. That means that in the dice cup/bag, there will be 4 sets of order dice. Whichever team members die is drawn, that player will activate. To the aid or detriment of their partner!

Officers: In all our games, officers do not give morale bonuses to units outside their platoon.

“Free Unit” National Rules apply to the combined team. That means 2 British players may only take 1 free artillery observer per team. 1 free soviet squad etc.

Army lists must be formed using a generic reinforced platoon or theatre selector from appropriate supplement books. Platoon specifics are as follows:

Selected from:

“Armies Of”

  • Armies of Germany, V2
  • Armies of United States
  • Armies of Great Britain
  • Armies of the Soviet Union
  • Armies of Imperial Japan
  • Armies of France and the Allies
  • Armies of Italy and the Axis

“Theater Books”***

  • Empire in Flames
  • Battleground Europe
  • Germany Strikes
  • Osfront
  • Duel in the Sun
  • New Guinea

***Units and Lists only, no optional mission or terrain rules.

• Team Doubles Format: (2) players per team

• Army Points: 1400 total. Players may make any combination of those points, so long as that the team total is 1400 points.

• Platoon: 1-2 infantry platoons per team member

• Tank Wars armored platoons are limited to (1) per team. No skills, experience, or crew upgrades


Terrain will be preset and locked by tournament organizers.


We will be awarding a number of prizes at the end of the event. Prizes will be awarded for

  • Best Sportsman
  • Best Allied Generals
  • Best Axis Generals

The Duck Boat Medal: Given to the player that brings the most historical force or unit/units over in-game effectiveness. The “anti-Cheese” so to speak.


  • A good attitude: Don’t be “that guy”, have fun.
  • Rule book and army books
  • Copies of your army list: 1 for yourself, 1 for organizers, 1 for youropponent
  • Measuring tools
  • Dice
  • Your army!


There are no house rules. Version 2 of the Main rulebook is in effect.

All judges decisions are final. Please play responsibly.

Warlord FAQ and Errata


DEPLOYMENT CLAUSE (Familiarize yourself, this is used in all missions)

This deployment clause applies to ANY and ALL missions. What this means is this is the same deployment protocol for all the missions used. UNLESS the mission specifically makes exceptions.

Both teams roll a die. The highest rolling team chooses a deployment zone, the other team sets up in the opposite zone. The team who chose their zone first deploys his force first.

Both teams may keep up to half their units in reserve, rounding down. Any and all units not in reserve are deployed in the established zones as per the mission.

Reserves may outflank unless specified in the mission.

Spotters, observers, and snipers are deployed after both teams have placed their non-reserved units. As per the rules on page 131.”


March 16, 2018
08:00 - 17:00 GMT
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