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Max of 12 places!

Inaugural meet-up and tournament for the Antares London facebook group. All welcome, though ideally you’ll be from London or South East as looking to build up the community.

750pt lists, three games each, Warlord providing prizes.

For more details join the Antares London Facebook group. https://www.facebook.com/events/366719303685783/

Venue: The War Boar

28/30 The Mall BR1 1TS Bromley UK
020 3659 3738 www.warboargames.co.uk/

Warboar games banner MC

We’ve got some great prizes courtesy of Warlord Games. The tournament winner will receive a free copy of the new Strike on Kar’A 9 box set! There’ll also be a prize for best painted / coolest looking army – and that prize will be the new Antares dice game. So… get practicing/painting if you want to win either of those. All entrants will also receive a very limited edition Antares miniature.
Each player will play three games. The three scenarios you will play will be:
– Reinforce the position (p142 of rule book)
– Hold the line (p144)
– Recover at all costs (p146)

If you achieve the victory condition in the scenario you will receive 3pts. Achieving a draw is worth 1pt.
You will also have three ‘minor objectives’. These will be the same for all the players. Before each game you will have to decide which minor objective you will look to achieve for that game. A minor objective can only be attempted once. By the end of the third game you will therefore have attempted all of your minor objectives.

A minor objective may be worth 0.5pt, 1pt, or 1.5pt. It is up to you do decide how many points a given minor objective is worth. However this points value can also only be used once, so if in the first game you allocate 1.5pt the minor objective you are looking to achieve, in the second game you can only choose between 1pt or 0.5pt. If you chose 0.5pt for the second minor objective, then for the third and final game/minor objective it must be 1pt. This means that if you are skilful enough to complete all your three minor objectives over the three games you will receive an additional 3pts to you overall final score. You will need to note down the minor objective you are looking to achieve, and points you will allocate to it, before each game begins. You should probably not tell your opponent which objective you have selected, but that’s up to you…

The three minor objectives are:
1) ‘Decapitation tactics’ – Kill the enemy commander
2) ‘Infiltration’ – Move one of your units off the table at the opponent’s edge
3) ‘Moral duty’ – No more than three of your units are destroyed by the end of the game

There will not be any additional points scored for the number of opposing units destroyed (as can happen in other tournaments). However, we will still keep track of this as if at the end there is a draw on the number of points overall it will then be decided by who has destroyed the most opposing units over the course of the three games. If it’s still a draw, then it will be head-to-head. If it’s still a draw after than then we’ll toss a coin

You army list should be no more than 750pts, and follow the Force Selection requirements set out in the rule book. You will have to select one infantry model to be your commander. All army lists, including which model is the nominated commander, will need to be sent to me at least one week before the tournament, so by 18th March, so I can check it. Send it to jsbuckley@gmail.com.

I will officiate the day, and judge the best painted army. I will also be competing. To avoid any accusations of bias etc it will not be possible for me to win either of the prizes, so in the unlikely event that I win the tournament the second-placed player will get the prize.

– Miniatures
– Rulebook
– Tape-measure
– Pin-markers
– Blast templates
– Order dice and playing dice
– Good sense of humour and a commitment not to be a dick about things.
Also, while I’m officiating, I will also be playing, and in any event I’m not brilliant at the rules of Antares, so please try and really read up on the rules so that games don’t get bogged down going through the rule book.

Warboar opens at midday so please try to be there for 12pm sharp. We’ll kick off the first game by 12.45 latest. Each game will last a maximum of 2 hours. I’m hoping we’ll finish up by 7pm. Hot food and drink is served at the venue. There is a £5 entrance fee to cover the costs of the tables. This will be payable on the day.

That’s it for now! There’s a lot here but this is intended as a fun, light-hearted affair. Looking forward to getting this local community going :)





March 25, 2017
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