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Adler Hobby’s Summer 2018 Scourge Campaign League

The Dronescourge Returns cover

The goal of this short summer league it to allow players to gradually build up forces for a GoA Tournament to be held Saturday Sept 1st. It runs from July to September 2018. The escalation format means new players and existing players starting a new force can start off small and gradually expand their force, using the painted forces as soon as they can – no waiting for a full-sized army! By the end of the tournament, large armies can be fielded and everyone should be able to field the new, fun toys (flying tanks YES(!), like the Boromite Hauler, the Concord & Freeborn Heavy Combat Drones and Algoryn Heavy Combat Skimmers).

All against the backdrop of the new faction, The Virai Dronescourge from the equally new supplement, The Dronescourge Returns.

Final Date/Time: Saturday September 1st, 2018, starting at 10am sharp (get there beforehand to set up)

Where: Adler Hobby’s Board Game Cafe, 138 Wayne St, Manchester, NH, 03102-3739, USA.

Format: Three months prior to the event are escalating 750, 1000 and 1250 point games. The final day’s tournament is a two-round tournament at 1300 points using random mission cards.

Entry: Free

Online: www.adlerhobby.net

eMail: adlerhobby@yahoo.com

Phone: Gordon on +1 603-606-1946 or 603-606-1945

Phase 1: Escalation League

Virai Scavenger Blueprint

Virai Scavenger – the Scourge Campaign

In the shop, the 1st and 3rd Saturday of each month are dedicated Escalation League days, for players to meet and for point totals to change. Fridays are also a good night for pick up game.  Builds escalate every few weeks, as follows:

Sat July 7th thru Friday July 20th – 750 point list builds.

Saturday July 21st thru Friday August 3rd – 1000 point builds.

From Saturday August 4th till Friday August 30th – 1250 point builds, one build total all month

Players are welcome to bring more than one list, one at the recommended total the other at whatever you agree to play before hand with a opponent. We ask that you are willing to play with new players at the featured builds first and foremost!

We also suggest you use our Facebook groups to plan other times and days. The New England Group is here and the event page for teh escalation league and tournament can be found on Facebook here.

Phase 2: Two-Round Tournament

On Saturday Sept 1st with 1300 point builds using the with the 1250 list selector. The extra points allows for a few interesting items to be added like squad options, Army Options or batter drones to protect the heavy combat vehicles.

Timetable, September 1st

Before 10am – arrive and set up

10am to 12 midday – First Round (starts prompt)


1pm to 4pm – Second Round

4.30 pm – Awards 4:30pm

Algoryn Bastion

Algoryn Bastion Heavy Combat Skimmer

Boromite Hauler

Boromite Hauler

C3M25 Box Front

C3M25 Heavy Combat Drone

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