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Antares Day 2019

Join us for the second Antares Day at Mythicos Studios!

19 route 10 east, Suite 15, Succasunna, New Jersey


Consternation grows around Antares as the events of Xilos causes gates to become unstable. There may well be more than five million gates but more gates are now closing than are being created, causing fears of a new dark age. Is the Antares nexus about to collapse, again? Once more, the Isori are given the blame after using their chronophasic device in an attempt to resolve the Xilos disaster, but blame is not enough…

In three systems in the Determinate, ancient, dormant technology in widespread archaeological sites springs to life. Whilst it is doubtful the technology is of Builder origin, it appears to be sufficiently advanced to be able to partially predict gate activity: at least, it seems to indicate the direction in which a closure is about to occur. Gaining control of a number of these devices and repositioning them could locate an imminent collapse. But there is no clear user interface to the technology and, even more mysteriously, what are thought to be status indicators occasionally flash up two words in the Concord alphabet: ‘Yu Hamnu’.

But NuHu Ambassador Yu Hamnu disappeared on Xilos: has she really survived the Xilos Catastrophe? Is she somehow safe behind the Xilos time-locks? Has she activated the ancient technology or is she just using it to communicate what she alone can see at the heart of Xilos? Most importantly, does this mean Yu Hamnu can stall the collapse using the ancient machines?

There are far too many questions, but all shape the future of Antares. Whether preventing a collapse or predicting gate closures, the artefacts are suddenly of immense importance to all the people of Antares. The race to control the future is on!

You can find all of the details in the attached Comp-Pac


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