Warlord Organized Play

Welcome to the wonderful world of Warlord Games! It’s been just over ten years since we set up our business in Nottingham UK, the epicentre of the world’s table top gaming!
In that ten years we have built up a stable of excellent wargames, most written by the legendary Rick Priestley of Warhammer and 40K fame. And to go with these exciting games, a vast range of top quality miniatures and vehicles to collect paint and of course, get on a tabletop.
We always planned to get the tournament scene sorted out so with great pleasure we can announce our world-wide tournament plan, where Warlord can officially, and sometime unofficially, help you our fans sort out some great organised play.
The spirit of Warlord Games is that it’s the taking part that is the main thing, so always keep that in your head when either setting up games or indeed when playing them. It’s a warGAME not a real war!
There is a great camaraderie in playing battles with model soldiers, and you always learn something new from an opponent, if only what NOT to do…
Have fun, and get the buzz going at your show, tournament or store, but whatever happens, have fun…
Best wishes,
John Stallard owner WG


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